Help with Uipath Remote Runtime for Citrix upgrade


I am looking to upgrade the remote runtime on a Citrix server to the latest version, allowing me to create a new process using 23.10.8

Currently the installed remote runtime version only allows UiAutomation up to 22.10.5, which is what a lot of existing processes are using

When I upgrade the runtime I would prefer not to have to update all the existing proceses

The documentation says "it is compatible with the previous UIAutomation releases (it is backwards compatible). " - this sounds promising

But I am confused about the " Adding Remote Runtime dependencies" section - this suggests I need to do extra steps? Is that right or is it backwards compatible out of the box


If you see the points properly…if you are on latest version citrix then studio also should be ltest as per the version…the packages inside it can be changes as you need

As it is compatible with multiple backward versions…say for new processes you want to use 23.10 and for you use 22.10 as system depency then both packages need to be present in citrix for both to work