New version 2019.08

hello Ui path guys,
when you will release a new version of UI path 2019.8 which is supported Citrix version 6.0?



Hi @ankur1984,
You need to observe our release category for new releases. If you want to check new features before official release you can always switch to beta channel:

Anyway I’m not sure about Citrix 6.0. It’s very old version.

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Thank you for your reply:slightly_smiling_face: But my the client has Citrix version 6.0 now what should I do? Any Suggestions? They can able to upgrade their Citrix version.


You have still RDP related activities. Just install Runtime on Citrix workers:

And extension on computer where you are using Studio:

And then with use of RDP connection you are able to work with UiElements inside this RDP session like it is local computer :slight_smile:

Thank you its is great help :slightly_smiling_face:


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