Remote Runtime Installer: Right version

We have UiPath version 2018.4.6. Can you please share with us the supporting version of Remote Runtime Component for enabling citrix autiomation?
We have received “” but I see the version is 19.4.3. Will installing this version help with our 2018.4.6 version of studio?
Kindly clarify. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Siddarth_Nair,
Did you get this installer from our Technical Support?

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Yes @Pablito. Why?

If you have contacted with Technical Support telling them which version of Studio do you have and they gave you this runtime version it means that it should be the correct one :wink:

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@Pablito Ok. Actually, this MSI file was shared to me as a part of my query related to Citrix plugin. And in the query form, I did select 2018 version of the studio but not sure if the person who helped me with my query took a note of it before sharing the MSI file.
One question -
Is this version backward compatible? I mean, will the 19.4.3 version Remote Runtime component work with 2018.4.6 UiPath Studio?
I see in the 2018.4.6 online docs a mention that remote runtime with versions greater than 19.4.1 enable selectors in browsers configured as Citrix Apps ( So wondering, if higher version of Remote Runtime will benefit my 2018.4.6 studio version or not. Please clarify.

It’s a very good question. From my experience (there was some similar topics before) seems that runtime is not always backward compatible. There are many changes done in UiPath which can totally change some behaviors across the versions and unfortunate it can happen that newer Runtime version will be not working with your Studio version. But please remember that for you as a Enterprise Edition owner there’s always our Technical Support available and happy to help :slight_smile:

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