Help With Traning

Hi, I am looking for some formal training on using UiPath. I didn’t find anything through Google and wanted to see if anyone here might be able to help.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Craig!

Did you check the website (


I did… I have watched the videos and tutorials, but they seem to mostly cover the basics of tasks. I am looking for something more in depth by someone who knows the program well.



Craig, we’re working to create online courses that we’ll include tutorials, homeworks, exercises, multiple choice tests, etc… but it will take time.

To get in depth knowledge of UiPath you’ll need real implementations experience so it’s either

  • try the tool and use the forums and our online materials
  • join UiPath
  • join a partner that is currently doing UiPath implementations

What kind of tasks do you intend to perform, or what kind of trainings did you have in mind?

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Hi badita i think you are the most helping person in this forum ,i wanted to ask you about a problem i am facing i downloaded a community edition and running on my windows ,i am performing data scrapping example from video tutorial evrything is working ebay pages are changing from one page to another with no errors but at the end i am not getting any CSV file in my project folder ,what is the reason behind that problem can you help ???

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Thanks Sandeep, much appreciated. However, when it comes to helping others the champion is @andrzej.kniola :slight_smile: I’m pushing myself to be in top five.
It’s always good to open a different topic per issue (which I think you already did in regard to this) and, when possible, provide as many details: attach workflows, provide url’s (for web automation), etc…and mark the answer as solution if that’s the case.
I hope you enjoy UiPath.

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