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So I am just dipping my feet wet in this software, very excited about it but a total beginner. A little help from someone in designing a couple of simple projects would likely get me off and running. Happy to pay someone $30 an hour to help design some simple projects (open a website, download a couple reports). Pretty basic for someone who knows how to do it, I hope.
But the key is I want to watch you build it via webex or Team Viewer. I want to learn this stuff, it’s just that working one-on-one would speed my learning curve tremendously.
Anyone up for a training exercise? You would be promptly paid by paypal. Additionally earn my undying gratitude and respect. Located in San Diego CA.


Not sure if this is allowed here, since UiPath themselves offer paid support, but assuming it is for now:

It would help your potential teachers if you’d add some additional information:

  • What is your experience in programming and process design (or similar tasks) outside of UiPath?
  • Which version of UiPath you will be using (community or professional + version - there was a huge update 2016.1 → 2016.2, but most professional users are still on 2016.1 due to slower upgrade path)
  • Have you done any trainings from the tutorial sections of the page (sidenote - I’d highly recommend those before taking a paid course, to at least know the basics for variables/arguments/activity types which should be easy enough to learn by oneself and is not worth $30/h IMHO)
  • What timeslots are preferred (business hours/evenings/weekends + timezone)
  • What’s the expected commitment - couple of simple projects is pretty vague and could range from a couple of hours to weeks.
  • What type of processes you expect to go through - you mentioned web automation, downloading reports (excel or text based?). Anything else, f.e. Citrix-style automation, RDP, databases, desktop automation?
  • What robustness level the automation is expected to be - from “stops on any error” to “fully transactional with compensation flows and failsafe error recovery”. This will help all sides to know if you’re looking for a hobbyist that has just enough experience to help someone else or a person working on a daily basis in the field (with all due respect to hobby projects, business related projects are just designed with different elements in mind)

As a last point, remember to sign a contract for all freelance work (teaching included). There are a lot of how-to’s and templates on the net for these and even in trusted relationships these are needed as you never what the future will bring. Also make sure that progress related communication should be confirmed in writing.

Regards and good luck!


It is allowed but we won’t take any responsibility.

With RPA hype we actually don’t have enough time and people to satisfy the high demand for trainings and support. The forum, Community Edition and public training materials are our best effort to overcome this. We do offer paid support but only to enterprise customers. The community should find its own way.


Till then, in order to speed up with UiPath…

Thanks for the training materials. I am on the free Community version, partly to test it and familiarize myself, and partly because I haven’t been able to connect with a sales representative from the company. I didn’t know whether they provided paid support, or what the non-free version costs, because it’s not on the web and I haven’t talked to anyone.

And yes I have watched a few of the videos, and tried to follow along, but there were a few kinks, such as my version of the software having different features and layout than the version being shown on the video.

In answer to some of your excellent questions, frankly I feel the RPA concept has tremendous potential, but for now I am limited by my own creativity and lack of knowledge. I don’t really know what it can do, and how easy or difficult it is to program it to do (things). My thought was to get my feet wet and get a few runs on the board by creating an Accounts Payable (A/P) robot that would, say, go to a County website (or utility, or any of our other suppliers), input our account and password, open up their website, and download our monthly pdf invoices one by one. If that’s easy enough to do, great, at least we have delivered something, and demonstrated the potential time savings to our management team. Next, move on to, say, either assisting with inputting those invoices into the A/P application. Or automating some desktop accounting functions such as inputting and applying checks from our tenants. And updating spreadsheets.

Our accounting software has both a Windows and a Web version, so either could be automated, whichever is easier. Or both.

I’ll continue watching the videos, because there’s value there. As for time requirements, honestly I don’t know how long things take to automate. I’d prefer business office hours, perhaps a couple of hours a day initially. I’m west coast USA. For now, robustness is secondary to proof of concept. Hobbyists could work.

Thanks for your points, including need for contracts etc.

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I am new to uipath
Please can I get link to download software

Hi gmcmillan,

Have 2 years experience in Uipath and current looking for some paid projects.Please let me know if you have anything for me.

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