How did you learn Uipath?

Hey guys I’m new to Uipath coming from a background with AA. I’m wondering how you find yourself best able to learn and adapt to Uipath’s workflow and functionalities. I’ve watched a number of the tutorial videos but since they’re more quick and narrow scoped and have less step-by-step instruction like maybe a class recording I haven’t found them super informative.

Overall I just keep feeling Uipath is a little unintuitive at times, I think partially because of the naming conventions of the activities but also simple things like; open a browser, copy the text, parse it and paste it into a notepad file just seem overly difficult to figure out how to do.

Anyway, if you guy’s could share about how you found it best to learn the program and its way of working that would be appreciated, thanks.

First, set a simple goal and try to solve it. If you don’t know, ask on the forum. One way is to refer to robots created by others.

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@css -Hello, I started earlier this year and I also started watching videos. It makes sense as a starting place but it wasn’t that helpful to me. Here’s what I did instead

  1. I decided on a project I wanted to do
  2. I wrote down the steps I wanted to do in English - just what I wanted to do, not the how.
  3. Then I started doing a lot of reading and posing of questions on Google or Yahoo.
  4. Then I started piecing things together in the order and way that I wanted

My first project, I’m on my second now, was to open a website, scrape the data from a table there, and then to use a For Each loop to iterate through the data table and pull a given number from each row, open an Excel template sheet and paste in the variable and then save the template with the variable as the name and as a PDF.

It took me a couple of months to figure out how to get the thing working and, without realizing it, I learned a hell of a lot. My second project is much more complex and it is going much faster.

So just figure out what you want to do, read a lot, ask questions, and you’ll figure it out

Good luck!

@css, Mike, please use this link
Register your self and it will make you master for sure. Only thing, dedicate your self for some time… on these training… When you have free time… come back to forum and start guide ppl… with in no time… you will become master.