UiPath Training

Hi everyone!

I am soon going to be delivering a training course for UiPath on behalf of a very well known social media brand. The main focus will be on delivering an end to end automation rather than going through each of the activities individually as this is already done as part of the academy.

I would love to know what you would consider to be most useful in terms of learning…are there any challenges you had when learning the software, and any areas where the existing materials could be assisted?

Looking forward to your thoughts and contributions.



Hi @richarddenton,

It’s been a while :slight_smile:
I think you should focus more on elaborating the Advanced Developer Training :slight_smile:
There are many members here that are lost in the training because of unclear PDD.

Thanks and best of luck,


I think general programming knowledge would be a useful topic to cover. A lot of questions here on the forum are asking how to use general functions like Split, Trim, Replace, etc. I come from a programming background so I know these functions exist, but people from a business background may not know.

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