Help with tags


I want to use tags to help filter processes to departments and the like, as given in the example in the docs here -

I cannot see the options on my processes even though I am an admin. I note that the article says “You need Edit on Processes and View on Tags to add existing tags to processes. You need Edit on Processes and Create on Tags to add new tags to processes. If you do not have Create on Tags, Orchestrator allows you to add new tags but does not save them.”

Tag does not exist under role permissions, nor is it listed in the docs here - Roles

So the docs disagree? How do I set these up?

Let us know your Orchestrator details like Version / Edition (on-Prem or…)

On prem v2021.10.0

I’ll note that normally the docs will say when something is only applicable after a certain version

Looks like the feature was introduced later:

we do see also:

but not on the previous version docu

feel free to give a feedback on the docu team, when you have some ideas on docu improvements