Delete Label tags from Orchestrator


It is possible to delete all previously created labels all in once or in a easy way?

I checked the documentation but I only read that is required to remove manually for every single object.

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UiPath does not yet provide a central location from where to create, edit or delete tags. Instead, you have to perform these operations at the object level.

Thank you, I was hoping there was another solluition

Thank you @sharon.palawandram

I removed all tags manually from the objects but it seems the tags are still saved somewhere.

Is there anything missing to completely remove those tags?


Are you using on-prem or cloud? you might be able to delete metadata from the server end.

It is the cloud version.

I discussed the issue with the Uipath cloud team and it seems like a bug they are investigating.

Also, it is expected that in the next Orchestrator Cloud version, it should include a feature to manually delete labels…

Hoping that it comes soon.

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