Adding LABELS into project.json

Hello, we want to add some LABELS in our projects, in order, these labels to be visible in LABELS section of our packages (and in LABELS of our processes) in Orchestrator. But we don’t publish our projects through Studio. (We publish through Azure DevOps.) So we need to add LABELS directly into project.json. Is it possible ? Can you give a sample please ?

Hi @KarineC ,

Do you mean Tags ?


Let us know if you are referring to some other feature and maybe point it out to us.

Hi @supermanPunch,
Yes project tags. (In Orchestrator, it is divided into LABELS and PROPERTIES.)

@KarineC ,

In the Project Folder, we notice that there is .project folder, under that folder we have the design.json file which consists of the tag values provided when added through the Project Settings Panel.

Have you tried updating the tags through the Project Settings Panel and deploy it through the azure portal ?

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Hi @supermanPunch,
I have tried adding tags in project settings and if I publish to Orchestror through Studio, I can see the tags in Orchestrator. But if I publish through ADO, it doesn’t work. Maybe the UiPath Task for ADO doesn’t manage this feature yet. I send the question in the marketplace here : UiPath Tasks for Azure DevOps - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace

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