Introducing the Tags Management Portal

Hello Community,

In 2022 we released the tags functionality in Orchestrator, Studio and Action Center. Now, we have come back with the Tags Management portal where tags can be added/edited/deleted. Along with this, we also added the advanced feature of setting up numeric, boolean or regex types for key value pairs.

I am looking for your feedback regarding tags, along these lines:

  1. Do you use tags today? If yes, for what objects (assets, buckets, etc) and how do they help you? Do you use both labels and key value pairs or just one of them?

  2. Are there any other UiPath products where you think using tags will help you?

  3. Are there any use cases where you would like to use tags in the future?

  4. Anything else you would like to share along this subject.

Thank you,

Corina Marginas
Product Manager


This kind of feature helps describe an item and allows it to be found again by searching.

Definitely Tags will help to differentiate and precise our function which we need

Thanks UiPath & @Corina_Marginas for such feature & Information


@Corina_Marginas Thanks for sharing this! This would really helpful to identify/differentiate the resources.

  • I’m thinking this tags functionality would also be helpful for AI Center since there might be different ML models need to train for different teams
  • Also, since we have tags functionality in the Orchestrator, there should be an option to search the published processes based on the tags. This would avoid remembering the processes name/usecase name.
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Hi Usha,

  1. I’ll work with the AI Center team to see what they think.
  2. Yep, you can search Processes tagged with a specific label/key value pair. From the search functionality in Orchestration, you can select the filter Type: Process and see all processes and their tags. More info in the docs link. Also, if you tag your package in Studio, the tags will be ported over to Orchestrator when the package is uploads/the process is created.
    Thanks for your feedback.

Thank you @Corina_Marginas

It would be great if the Tags were available in Insights.

What kind of reports would you like to see in Insights based on Tags?

Thank you for sharing @Corina_Marginas .

I have few Questions :

  1. Is there any relation between Labels and Properties.

  2. If Not why we have Labels and Properties Separate - I Understand Label is storing a single value and Properties is a kind of Drop Down where we restrict to select from particular value. Can’t we have this both in a single place … Please Correct my understanding here . .

  3. In my Orchestrator _ i created 2 Labels and 2 Properties as shown Below

  1. In my Assets Tab - When Attempting to Edit a Asset - Not getting the labels and Properties , Is there any permission issue - as per the Docs - I am the admin and Connected to the Correct Tenant

  1. The Documentation states we need to update permission but I could not find what and where .

I guess I am missing something here - But I could not find the solution in docs as well.

*Thank you *

Hi Mukesh. Answers to your questions below:

  1. No.
  2. It was a design decision based on how we store/can search data in the database.
    3/4. You should see the labels in Orchestrator especially since you said you are an admin (therefore the Tags permission from Orchestrator should be set to ON for View/Create/Edit/Delete). Thanks for also checking that you are connected to the right tenant.
    Can you please also try the following: from the Orchestrator interface, go to the Search function and try to find the tags in the filters at the top of the page, let me know if you see them. More details here. Also to further investigate, I could really use your tenant URL. I sent you a private message, can you please reply with the url?
    Thanks for your questions and for testing the feature!

Para mí es loas recomendable

Si las etiquetas te ayudan mucho

Hi @Corina_Marginas ,

Thank you for clarifications . My Tags are still not visible in orchestrator while creating new Asset . I have replied to your email with more details

*Thanks *

Say we tag every automation with business function such as IT, HR, Procurement, etc. I would like to be able to filter by business function in Insights. Or we tag automations as mission critical, critical, non-critical. Again, I would like to be able to list automations according to their criticality. All this information is stored in tags which are not visible in Insights.

Hi Radoslav,
Appreciate the note. We are working internally with the Insights team to see what is possible to do and when. Are you interested in this for on-prem or cloud?
Thank you.

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Glad we figured this out and it’s working now. Thanks for your time.

No problem at all. We are on cloud.

I explored the Tags and created this video to show the capabilities and how to use them , Sharing here for refence.