Accidently removed all the admin users from the tenent

I’m using the uipath automation cloud solution with the enterprise license. I am the admin user of the orchestrator. I have created the tenant and scheduled all the organizations automations through that tenant. but accidently I have unticked all the users from the admin rights and updated the role in roles feed. Now I’m not able to do anything in this tenant. Also no one of my organization is able to edit the admin rights. I’m able to do all the tasks in the other tenant but not in this tenant. Is there any work around to roll back the previous actions or solve this complex issue. now I’m in a very critical situation.

hope someone can help me in this matter.
Thank you.

Hello @Harsha_Madhushan ,

Since you have enterprise license, better to ask UiPath support about this.

Might be easier, I think.



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