While migrating the web Application from IE to Edge Type into stopped working

While migrating the code from IE to edge there is type into activity in text filed which stopped working

UIAutomation.Activity version used - 21.10.5

Please suggest a solution if anyone has ,

Thanks in Advance !!

Hello @mittal.abhishek , Its happened maybe of selector issue. All your selectors are based on IE so it will not work on Edge. You have to choose again all the selectors

Hi @mittal.abhishek
Do you have the extension enabled for Edge?

Get more information through this - Extension for Microsoft Edge

Hello @Gokul_Jayakumar thanks for response -

I have already reset my selectors as per edge browser just wanted to check is there any compatible UI Automation activity ?? which will work with web applications like I said i was using 21.10.5 version in IE and it was working fine.

Hello @nishant_Banka1 - Yes extensions are enabled , just before the text field bot is entering the values…

@mittal.abhishek , If possible share the error message you got and also flow

Hi @mittal.abhishek, there seems to be issues with Edge extensions.
Can you please check the steps mentioned over here?

Also, is this issue just with the “Type Into” activity or with other input/ouput activities as well