Run two background processes in parallel, triggered from Orchestrator

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I am testing the running of parallel of two background processes, from Orchestrator. I have two different background processes, with a 30 sec delay and a log message activity.
Running them from the Agent is no problem, they run in parallel, and I can also see both of them running in parallel in Orchestrator, after I start them from the Agent.
But when I start the run from Orchestrator via the Run Process button, the second one waits in pending mode for the first to finish. So they do not run in parallel. Any idea why ?

I am using the community cloud Orchestrator.

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Ok, I guess I found the answer to my own question :slight_smile: According to the documentation:

… this is only available for Attended Robots . When using Unattended Robots to run multiple Processes at the same time, each Running Process consumes a separate license.
and also:
“Background Process Automation with Attended Robots rely on the user’s session on the machine to run automations, these are started from Studio or UiPath Assistant …”

so triggering the automation from Assistant or Studio is considered “Attended”, while the robot installed in Orchestartor is “Unattended”, and therefore each running process consumes a separate license.

Would be interesting to hear from UiPath if this is purely due to lincesing reasons, or if there is also any technical limitation involved.

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