Help data scraping, row value goes in 1st column header

Hello i’m trying to scrape this table but i get the value of second column inserted as header with 1st column, this happened to someone? How could i scrape this table?
Attention in this page i have multiple tables i dont know if this news can help…

Thanks for help.

It could be that the table selectors are not quite good. You will probably need to extract one row at the time, meaning you would have to build the table one row at the time.
If there is a link of the page where the table is located it would be helpful

Unfortunately the table is inside a customer account so i can’t share this information.
I’m new in rpa so i need to learn tips and triks, in this case i have no idea how to get one row at time correctly, without data scraping and getting the right row data…

Do you have any suggestions?

thanks for help

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