How to scrape data off a datagrid

In a legacy windows application currently running on Win 7, I need to scrape data that is in a grid/table format with many columns and rows (not all columns/rows are visible unless you scroll to the right and bottom to see the data )

I have tried using data scrapping method in UiPath …but this method is not working completely and UIpath does not seem to recognize the table cells … Please help with the below :

  1. I am not able to scrape the data fully …the columns are resizable in the table and Uipath is only getting partial data that is visible and not the full data from the cell…

  2. How can I get UiPath to scrape all the data in the grid without having to code for scrolling ? The rows in the table could change dynamically from time to time…


You need to work on selectors.
You need to use UiExplorer and indicate the right element. Need to change some xml code in the selector.

I have got some errors like you before, but later on they were solved using UiExplorer.

Hello ,

I am facing the same issue for the same grid/app . Is there a way to get all data from the grid ?

@vvs , you have any solution already for this? Please help to know


Hi, Anyone found a solution for this?


Could you share a repro app?

Hard to say what could work from just a screenshot.

Since it is a tool called Microsoft Dynamics SL( formerly known as Solomon). Unable to select/ click on individual cells within the Datagrid. Attached the screenshot.

Thank you for helping.

As stated above, the only current solution is to use the UiExplorer an then manipulate the Selector attributes. Basically implementing a Looping mechanism and use row/column indexing. While it is ugly, it does work. Would like to see UiPath implement better Activities for Controls such as Grids, though I guess someone could create a custom Activity and publish it.