Hell, All i want to do UiPath Certified RPA Associate certification. Can anyone give suggestions on that certification

Hello, All i want to do UiPath Certified RPA Associate certification. Can anyone give suggestions or tips and what are the main topics to prepare for test. That will help me allot and i should complete my certification within a week(So, is it possible to take test in a week).You are responses are valuable for me. Thank you!


Hey check this out !

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Go through this playlist


Not advanced certification. i want to do RPA Associate i.e basic level.


Go through this

It will be helpful for prepartion.

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UiPath Certified RPA Associate v1.0 - EXAM Description.pdf (232.7 KB)

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UiPath associate is the beginning one in UiPath certification.

=> Questions on UI element activities
=> Mail, Excel, Pdf, word, powerpoint activities, packages.
=> You have to prepare all the properties of every activity.
=> In this exam they will ask about some scenario based questions.
=> They will ask about the selectors. Which attributes are stable in the selectors?
=> They give some scenario in that scenario which attribute you select in this selector.
=> In this exam they will ask both classic and modern activities.
=> How to enable the extensions in UiPath studio.
=> Questions about assets, various types of assets, queues, queues status, triggers and all about Orchestrator.
=> Few questions about UiPath assistant.
=> What are the steps to publish package to the Orchestrator.
=> How to install Packages in UiPath studio.
=> Questions about variables and arguments.
=> Most important Variable data types and directions of arguments.
=> Questions about invoke workflow and scenario based with invoke workflow.
=> Questions based on data manipulation like Split, Substring, Remove, Replace and all. They give input data by using data manipulation what is the output?
=> Questions about how to provision robot to Orchestrator.
=> questions about Ui explorer in selectors.
=> Questions on control flows like For each, while, do while, if, switch, break, continue and scenario based about same topic
=> Questions on debugging concept most important one
=> Questions on panels, prepare all panels like project panel, activity panel and all.
=> They ask about questions on sequence, flowchart, state machines

Attempt the test in a peaceful place with no noise and no entry of someone. One person will proctor you through out the exam. If you are good at UiPath then it was easier for you.

Find the below link to download the pdf all about the UiPath associate certification.

All the best for your exam. Be prepared.

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First attempt practice test and analyze which topics are weak.
Then go through given training for associate certification.

I have gone through the document in that i want to prepare for some topics like selectors, Where i can learn in, UiPath academy itslef?

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For selectors concept go through the below video playlist by Automate with Rakesh. @RAKESH_KUMAR_BEHERA

This playlist will cover all of selectors concept.

I hope you find the solution for your query. Make mark it as solution which helps to other forum members who are willing to take the Certification.

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