Certification Help and Guidance

Hi Folks,

I am planning to take the UiPath Certified RPA Associate exam. I have already completed the RPA Developer Foundation course in UiPath Academy.

Would you please let me know what all additional materials I can go thru to make sure I clear the exam in the first attempt. I would really like to be confident before taking the exam.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @suryasunderraj

have you already had a look on these topics from page https://www.uipath.com/learning/certification

Yes I have… I was hoping for some additional materials\documents and sample tests (like the one available in UiPath Academy) to get more of a look and feel of the exam.

My advice is to pay close attention to the UiPath Exam Objectives. For each topic in the objectives, there’s a UiPath Documentation page at docs.uipath.com that you should read. Exam questions will likely come off that site, as what is said there is pretty much official. That’s probably your best study material and it’s free.

Then use all the activities being tested. Play with OCR, work with Gmail, scrape a page. And play around with datatables, String objects and int32s.

Do lots of practice tests and be able to answer mock UiPath Certification questions with confidence. Then schedule with pearson vue and write the test!

Good luck!