Having trouble to get data from a Table

well I guess is pretty new … I was testing in citrix and work perfect to detect some element as menus, button, etc but when I want to get data from a table is not good … or maybe I am missing some step …

Hi @carmen

Can you please provide a screenshot of your Citrix environment and the result you are getting from the data extraction?

I already report the error when I was testing the CV get Text activity. I am not sure If I could share that screenshot here because is too public and the data is confidential.

But the problem is : I have a table inside a citrix invironment and when I want to read an specific cell is not working completly ok, If I select S to Show all elements I can see that some cells are not recognized and other ones are recognized ok.

I have 5 columns and x rows in the first and second columns I have string data the first one as ABC and the second column I have an string data as String1 string 2 string 3 in one cell, in the first column I have some data that don’t recognize and in the second column every string is recognized as an different element but also there are some data that is not recognized …I think that is not able yet to recognize that the data is in a table.

Hi @carmen

Could you tell us the approach you are taking to extract data from the table? And if you are using any OCR methods to read? This might help to narrow down to the cause…


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando Well I just installed the new package AI Computer Vision and I was trying it.


Which activity are you using in computer vision to extract some data from the datatable.


As mentioned in the release notes, the Computer Vision is in Beta, and:

  • Performing actions in tables or grids is not yet fully supported.

You can read the entire Release Notes here for known issues and other useful information:


ok thank you, I just was testing …and seeing what is able to do … is pretty good so far.

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