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Hi @Gabriele_Radici

Here is the sample workflow:

As you can see in the above image I have given the click for the community but I have assigned the str_Variable with Academy so when I execute the code it should go and click on the Academy which is beside the community tab. For that I have done the below steps:

Click on the 3 dots beside the plus symbol as shown in the below image.

After clicking the 3dots the popup arises as shown below

Make sure that you have the aaname in the attribute as shown below if the attribute aaname is missing then please open the UiExplorer and select the aaname from the field as shown below

You can see the aaname or else the innertext attribute from the highlighted box as shown below so click on the check box which is beside to that aaname and then click on the save button

Select that data which is present in between the single quote and make sure that you wont remove any single quote because if any single quote is removed then it will cause an error so pelase make sure that no single quote is removed.

After selecting that give a right click and you will be asked to Use variable as shown below

Select the variable that we have created in the code by using the below highlighted dropdown

After selecting the variable you can see the option like override default value so click the check box as true and then click on the confirm

Click on the validate and then it should turn green. When it turn green then it’s confirmed that the selector’s have been validated

Once you are sure that the validation is turned green then click on okay as shown below

Click on the dropdown of the targeting methods and then uncheck the fuzzy selector and check the strict selector as true and save the file and then execute the code.

Please let me know if any issue persists.