Click activity is not working in any string

Click activity does not work for arbitrary strings.
I want the click activity to click on a specified point, but the point consists of a string, which changes with each process execution.

I set aaname to * in the activity’s selector, but then the selector’s specified point becomes a completely different point and does not work.

I tried using the Text Click activity with OCR to click on an arbitrary string, but that did not work either.

Using the Find Text activity in OCR, find any string and get its position as an element. Clicking on that element with another activity did not work.

Can you please tell me how to solve this problem?

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modify the selector , not to include aaname…instead use id or some other attributes


Can you share screenshot of UiExploer for the target element. We need to choose proper attributes which identify the target.


We use Uipath internally, but security regulations do not allow us to share screenshots. Let’s check the other attributes of the click activity

Hello @Keymu

Are you facing issue to click on other elements also or only for that particular element?

You can try using Modern click acitivty by tagging to an aanchor. Selecting the proper selectors is the main thing to resolve this issue. So open the uiexplorer and inspect on the element. Check whether any dynamic values are there? (for example attribute idx) Check whether some attributes are changing for each session, if its there remove that from the selector and keep only the attributes which are static and pointing to the button.

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