Have taken 2 workflows and trying to invoke the same in main workflow but not showing the arguments of the other workflows in main(invoke activity),but selected the right workflow

@Sai_Kumar_111 please show arguments of that workflow

yes bro…

@Sai_Kumar_111 please save the code and then invoke. Maybe its saving issue

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yes bro…this helped,thank you… :smiling_face:

@Sai_Kumar_111 always welcome, Happy learning.

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bro can u also please help with this…i dont know why im frequently getting this type of error while using excel workbook file,thanks for any help!!!

Please create another post for better reach and mention me there.


@Sai_Kumar_111 new topic will engage too…and every one will share knowledge.

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got you bro…but as i am a new member i am just done with creating topics for the day(3).so just got back…

@Sai_Kumar_111 welcome to the community.
When you marked as solution its mean your problem resolved. For further create another one, its help others to understand problem.

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yeah…bro sure…Thank you…

@Sai_Kumar_111 welcome. Your problem resolved or not?

yes for the previously you explained thing but not for the post that i again gave as a reply… :slightly_smiling_face:

@Sai_Kumar_111 Can we talk in new topic. Pleae create new one.

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sure bro for today my limit is over to create topics(3).will get back to you tomorrow and thank you for the help.

@Sai_Kumar_111 ok great but I think we should not wait for tomorrow.
Before running all the files should be close which you are using in process.
Two process can’t open a same file at a time
So please close the file and then run the process

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@Sai_Kumar_111 Happy✌🏻

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This also helped and also infinite thanks for this… :smiling_face:

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