Hi I am facing the issue, where I am invoking the Email workflow in the Main workflow.
And giving the input parameter.
But when I give the direct value and path in the Email workflow it’s working fine.
But when I invking and give their value like Config(“Path”).ToString
It’s throwing me an error.
Configuration file is working fine.
But the issue is here only when it comes to the invoking Email workflow.

Everything is fine even I am reading the previous workflow value also.


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kindly check these stuffs
–check whether the excel that is the config file has a Path as name and has any value in it or not
–then check whether the config associated arguments is passed in and out correctly to the invoked workflow

if this is corrected issue will be resolved
Cheers @balkishan

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yes I given all In type bcz value will come into the Email workflow.
And yes I given the Name and value of the path like that.
But don’t understand where is the error.

Hi @balkishan

In the workflow you have the invoke activity for the mail receiving workflow, have you checked whether that workflow is getting data for the config argument? it looks like you have not passed the config data to the main workflow which you have the invoke activity in. Check it once and see how it goes?

You can easily check this by using the Debug mode. Have a break point on the invoke activity and run the process in debug mode. Then, once the execution gets to the break point, you can see what values you have in your variables. if you are unable to see it, have a break point in the very first (the main sequence) activity and run it to see. Because it is the outer most activity, it will show the argument values.


Yes bro I given the value while invoking the workflow.
even I invkoed the previous it’s working fine, but don’t understand where is the error.


if possible can i have a view on the arguments been passed to the invoke workflow activity a screenshot
Cheers @balkishan

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just like @Palaniyappan mentioned, also add a screenshot of the arguments in debug mode as well. So that we can see the actual values

Please see bro @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando

Everything is fine don’t understand what is the issue. Even I remove the empty space and done all but not worked.

If I give this parameter in the write activity same error it’s throwing me bro. As I attached the previous. below attached

Bro @balkishan

Can you run your workflow in debug mode, and show me the values you get for these arguments in the locale panel…

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I didn;t get any value bro. when It comes to the invoke worklfow then it thrown me this error.

it looks like in_path but above mentioned as Path
no worries
and more thing we need to mention the in_path only and not the Config(“InPath”).ToString

mention this in_Path as value in the activity
Cheers @balkishan


is it possible for you to share your solution so that we can have a look?

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Now it’s Path only bro. I changed it. Actually I was trying to changed the name. So it’s not an issue.

I am invoking in the Main workflow. bcz there in only In type parameter in the EmailReceving workflow.


may i know why we specifically talk about in_path alone
source tells like the error occured in the invoke workflow in common why not
it can be with other arguments as well
kindly check their values as well in the excel whether it has values or not
Cheers @balkishan


Yes exactly, But I don’t know in which arguments issue is there bro. FYI @Lahiru.Fernando @Palaniyappan

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fine before invoke workflow
mention all the values like config(“…”).ToString in a write line activity before to this activity and lets check whether we are getting any value or not
i think we have four arguments been passed
then use four write line and pass the input as those values in the arguments and check the value in the output panel

Cheers @balkishan

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Yes same thing I did bro. But it’s throwing me the same error message attached already. That’s I removed this Write activity.

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may i have screenshot of those writeline and the output if possible
Cheers @balkishan