Running issue

Hi, I created two workflow. Like 1st and 2nd.

when I run this individulay it’s running fine.

But when I create a New Sequence and invoice 1st workflow then 2nd workflow. Like this

but when I run this it’s showing me like this…How do I know my workflow is running

It’s showing me only this result.

when I run individualy I working fine like showing me open the files, read, extract data and feed into the template.

But when I run the two workflow together in One workflow it’s giving me the above output. I attsched the above snapshot.

@Palaniyappan @HareeshMR @Lahiru.Fernando

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Usually when a Invoke workflow is executed it won’t show the inner activities in output panel with its execution
So to get them we need to use Log Message activity with statement we need after each activity inside the sequence called upon invoke workflow
We do the same in REFramework as well

Cheers @balkishan

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As you see, you have the output as the sequence is executing @balkishan

The Main_Report_****** is executing

the first log message in the output panel is regarding the invoke workflow activity and the second log message is the sequence name within the workflow

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No bro,
when I executed individulay I can see each excel is opening, extract the data, open the template and feed into it. so I can see everything on the screen. Now I want to see everything on the screen only.

But when i invoked these two workflow, and run with f6 then it doesn’t show me anything.

But why it’s now showing the Excel file opening, then extract the data, And open the Excel template and feed the data into it.

In older version it shows everything…I think in new version it’s now showing is it??

How can I see the execution activity on the screen.

Is it bro??

But when Run these individually it can see on the foreground bro…

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yes you are right we would get them in foreground for sure
our process was running in background as the VISIBLE property was disabled
kindly check with that property once

Cheers @balkishan

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It’s visible for all bro.
If I run each workflow individual then it show, But when I run the whole process it’s doesn’t show me. Sometime it show me sometime not. But the process is working fine. What is the issue.

shall I kill the Excel before executing the whole process or any other changes you want me to do. So that whenever I run the main process I can see the all activities on foreground.


How much time it takes to process the excel in the Invoked workflow @balkishan? If the process is running in the background already (only one time), then it will process in the background itself.

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you want to ask me whole time to run the complete process or other ?

Note - If it’s running in the background or foreground it’s working fine. But I want to see on foreground!!

Sometime it’s showing me in foreground and sometime in background. Is it because of my machine or any other can be have?

No, just the excel processing time :slight_smile:

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Try killing all the excel process in the background and then check. I hope after killing, it will run in the front end

It’s depends bro, I have multiple workflow all are doing related to the excel activities.

Kindly try that once pls
Usually have a kill process activity on the very beginning of the project that kills all the application that we are going to use along the sequence

Cheers @balkishan

What is the meaning bro Killing all process?

We have only one excel process na, which is EXCEL
Right me if I am wrong. Before executing the complete process I already used kill EXCEL. But still it’s executing in the background.

I used KILL EXCEL before running the whole project.

If possible can I have a view in the sequence where excel application scope is used
Cheers @balkishan

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Killing all process in the sense, kill all the excel processes @balkishan :slight_smile:

Sometimes, we will have atleast 6 to 7 processes running for a single excel in the task manager. so I asked you to try after killing all the excel processes. and one more thing is If the process time is less than 3 seconds, it will just give a blink screen and closes the excel.

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sure bro, In every excel Scope visible is marked.

I can understand if it’s running always in the Background.

But sometime it showing me in background and sometime in foreground.

So I want to know the exact issue. Bro!!


I only kill bro EXCEL

I know there are many excel process but I don’t know the exact name of the process, which we have to give in the Kill Process Activity. @HareeshMR

Add a delay before excel application scope of around three seconds and try once
As o say you were able to see sometimes and sometimes not, it must be due process speed
Cheers @balkishan

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