Hardware Requirements from Studio lower than from the Robot


I´m wondering that the documentation at Hardware and Software Requirements shows higher hardware requirements than the studio one at Hardware and Software Requirements.
Shouldn´t it the other way around that the studio does need much more resources than the robot?

I think the specs at the documentation at studio.uipath.com doesn´t have the right values. Can we change it to the “real” values?

This is important to me and the company I´m working for because some of our customers see the online documentation as the “optimum” and other recommendations doesn´t have any value.

BTW: It is stated in the 2017.1 Orchestrator Architectur PDF that the Studio has to utilize much higher requirements than the robot.


Hi @Lunk

Our docs team put a lot of effort into clarifying the confusion here :slight_smile: See below:

The requirements shown for Studio and for Robot are in order. They differ because building a process in Studio does not really require a considerable amount of resources. However, the Robot needs more resources to execute the processes, depending on their complexity. So it’s design vs runtime.

Another important thing to take into consideration is what else is running on those machines. More specifically, our requirements reflect how the Robot or Studio would behave if nothing else is running. Just like every other application out there, we are not responsible for a slow-performing machine because multiple apps are running and each consuming their share of resources.

I hope it is helpful and clarifies your confusion :slight_smile: