Documentation available on VDI solution


Currently we are all working on Laptops or Desktops. But in future we want to move to VDI solution.

  •      If any documentation available on VDI solution
  •      What should be ideal software (tools, OS etc.) and hardware (CPU, RAM, HDD) configuration for a Robot of medium complexity

Request for hardware specification for UiPath Studio


Hardware and software requirements remain the same, regardless of the environment where Studio or the Robot is installed.

P.s. Please keep in mind that starting with v2016.2, you can start taking advantage of High-Density Robots (having a Robot for each Windows user). Additionally, on Windows Server you can also execute all the Robots from the same machine in the same time.

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Are you an Enterprise user? If so there is a lot of documentation here …


If we are not enterprise user - and we get access denied to that forum how can we get documentation in relation to VDI?



The same content is now available at this address, navigating and good use of the search function should answer most of your queries.



Thank you - I am looking for suggestions on VDI - some say it is better to put the STUDIO on teh VDI than the Orchestra etc

Do you have diagrams, cases, etc other users experience?