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Do I need IIS for Front Office Robot Implementation?
Can anyone explain me…


Hi Ashutosh,

No, you only need IIS if you want to install Orchestrator.

Here are the Hardware & Software requirements:

And here you can find more details on Attended robots(along with several forum posts):


Thanks for your response and information.
I have a question here,
The Hardware/software requirement are the same for Studio and Front office robot machines(laptop/PC)


No, the ones I’ve sent before are only for Robot.

For Studio, the SW/HW requirements are here:


Hello Ovi,
Could you please clarify my below doubts -

  1. As per my understanding, the code design will be done on Studio robot and the same robot will be deployed to the operators systems. What are the points we need to be careful here? As the developers will design automate processes in different laptops and operators will be using different systems.
  2. When the same folder/application are shared from different location for the same process robot, how do we exactly handle this scenario?
    Please share your comments! Thanks


Thanks Ovi,
One doubt!
Studio Robot is common to both the robots implementation the Front and Back office robot designing?