How to handle the random popups

Hi team,

How to handle the popup that comes randomly and I am not sure when the popup comes.

After the random popup comes…i needs to click on close button.

Can u please help.

Hi @Bhagyashree_S

Use the check app state and indicate the element in the pop up and increase the time out. In the target appears give the click action. So, that if the pop up gets appear then the click action works.


Yes but I am not sure in which all the pages I get this popup.

Then do it need to use check app state everywhere?

Hi @Bhagyashree_S

You can indicate the check app state activity where ever it’s necessary and it will handle those pop ups.


Yeah but what if when we don’t no where that popup appears? Then in this case we need to use that activity everywhere

Hi @Bhagyashree_S

Normally we should use the parallel activity, here is a useful video that i always recommend to watch and implement, hope this helps


Hi @Bhagyashree_S

Check on below post


Hi @Bhagyashree_S

Implement a global exception handler to catch unexpected pop-ups. In the global exception handler, add logic to identify and handle the specific pop-up.



Please check this for detailed exception


But we were facing one issue that selectors and name of popup prompt will change