How can we Handle Random Pop Up in Ui path?

Is there any way in Ui path to handle the Random Pop-ups?
Parallel activity and element exist activity is not helpful as we can not indicate on screen.

Please help!!!

Just read second part - is this specified application pop ups?

If so, you need to build to handle them where possible. Otherwise if your activity cant be completed due to pop up - you can go to global exception handler and then go back to where you were previously.

@TimK All the pop ups are dynamic.Its not possible to handle all of them. And for the second part I am using 2018.4.1 version and it does not have global exception handler activity.

@Mukul_Chandravanshi Can you show us an Example of a Pop up that you encounter?

@supermanPunch Pop ups can be like to press ok, or press yes or no, or press cancel or press update , or press close window. They can be any thing.Its not possible for me to show you the example. But the action point for all the pop ups is same i.e. to press ESC key.

@Mukul_Chandravanshi Can you try using Attach Window for different Popus that you encounter, and try to find the Similarities in the Selector they have

@supermanPunch But,Number of Pop ups are not fixed. They can be 100 or 10 or 30.
Can we some how catch if there is a pop up or not in ui path?

@Mukul_Chandravanshi 100 or 30 pop ups at the same time? :dizzy_face:

@supermanPunch Not at the same time,During the execution of the entire process.

@Mukul_Chandravanshi Not sure why element exist didnt work out for you… Can you try “Get attribute” activity with some of the attributes like “relative visibility” or “aastate”.If you are able to indicate it on screen using get attribute activity,this can be done…This will help you differentiate a screen with pop up and without pop up.Then using the above attributes and loops, you can handle unexpected pop ups whenever they occur

@Mukul_Chandravanshi Then i Guess it is Possible, You just need to Use Element Exists at the point where your Process Generates an Output and If it is Existing , you can Click on Esc Button, If you know what Popup is going to Occur at what point of the process then It Shoulb work fine

Pop Ups are never really random, there is usually a trigger event that sits behind them. So the only recommendation is to try and identify the trigger points - if there is commonality amongst the selectors - i.e. title window = Pop UP 123 or Pop Up 124 then you can use a generic component to wild card and handle the pop up.
i.e. Pop UP *
Then send hotkey ESC if it exists.

There is no way to handle random pop ups in the process - it still all needs to be mapped.

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