Random Popup Handling

I have to handle random popups in my application actually.Some of the scenarios are as below:

  1. In case the popup says Click FA then FA button must be clicked if not found close button must be clicked.

I have handled this by getting the popup text and using if it contains this name then the corresponding button to be clicked.

But is there any other efficient way of handling this.

Well @vamseedharan_kalyana

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Here are a few possible solutions for handling popups that you know (Unknown popups can be handled only through a graceful exit of the bot)

  1. If there are generic popups then a parallel activity can be put in with an infinite loop only in the workflow – and at the end use a breaking condition of the while loop. (Provided it does not interfere with the actual functional popups)
  2. If the percentage of failed transactions are less and if it is unlikely the popup might appear again (from observing the behavior of the app) then the same can be retried by closing all applications processing the same transaction again.
  3. If there is no functional dependency affecting the process then that popup can be force closed by click text generic like ‘OK’ ‘Cancel’ ‘Ignore’ ‘FA’ etc. (in parallel)
  4. If the intent is to retry every single activity a set number of times then Global exception handler would be a better option which gives you varied range of logging, retry and capturing exceptions with a graceful exit without having to put retry scope in each and every stage.
  5. Get all names of windows that are open and close anything that does not belong to the initial plan/design. (Get active window – close that window if it is stuck for a long time)
  6. Last resort: A windows service event watcher can be custom built to listen for pop-events (if such a thing is found in the event logs of windows) and then force close the same whenever encountered.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi @Raghavendraprasad …Thank you so much for the reply…Definitely your reply gave me an overall insight into handling random popup’s.But,since I had to click the popup based on the button name mentioned in it I found Dynamic Selectors as my way out actually…

Cheers and Thanks for your wonderful response on all possible ways of handling dynamic popup’s! :smile:

Great that you found a solution.

If the popup is not random then it is very easy. You can use on element appear and check for it to be active and visible with a continue on error property as true (so that in case it doesn’t appear your workflow does no throw any error) and use it in parallel.

just a thought.

Regards :slight_smile:


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