Handle to continue working with Excel file with all possible Excel dialog boxes might appear during opening file or does not appear


Can you advise me a logic for scanning three possible dialog boxes that Excel might show during opening? My Excel file sometimes shows these dialog boxes during opening file:
Excel mes 1
But sometimes same Excel file can show only this dialog box:
Excel mes 2
And sometimes same Excel file does not show any dialog box during opening
For this reason my robot gets stuck at the step of opening Excel file because of those dialog boxes might appear ot not.
Which activities can I use to handle all possible options? (when those dialog boxes appear and when they don’t appear)

Check with the Element Exists activity for the window. If window exists then click on your required button

Hi, i have same problem, but element exists dont work. Can you help me please?

I am not sure exactly. But can you try with ‘Anchor Base’ activity. In some cases it helps.


Check below and do the same in excel

the warnings will disabled

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