Element exists in Excel


I have a problem with Element Exists activity (placed inside the Excel Application Scope). I am trying to find particular words in an excel file using Hotkey " Ctrl + f " and then trying to assess whether the excel file contains these words or not. If the words are not present in an excel file, error window in excel appears and element exists activity is able to catch it and provide True/False output. However, it works only if the excel file is opened before the “RUN” (before the start of robot) and if the excel file is closed, the error window in excel does not appear so Element Exist activity is not working correctly. Do you have any suggestions how to solve this problem?

Thank you

There should be an activity called Open Workbook. Check this link for more info: https://www.uipath.com/kb-articles/excel-integration-approaches

On a side note, searching with Ctrl + f doesn’t feel right to me. I would process the file with Read Range and For Each activities.

Edit: Hmm, actually it seems the Open Workbook activity is no longer available.

Hi @Tomas Main.xaml (13.1 KB)
have a look into this…

Thanks a lot! If I understand it correctly, this workflow enables me to go through the whole excel file and search for the exact values/words/sentences. However, I need to know the position of the cell and I don´t know if it is possible in this workflow. In my process, the robot goes row by row and looks at the text in the first column, if the text is the same as the text in another excel file and if the text is in the same position. If the values and the position are correct, a robot will copy values for other columns (2nd, 3rd, 4th…). If not, a robot needs to insert rows and modify excel file.

Please go through with these links :slight_smile: