Element Exists not able to find pop up window in Excel


My process currently goes through a list of excel files, opens them, and attempts to interact with an add in to refresh values. However, the first time it runs (ie presumable only the first excel file) there will be a pop up requiring log in to the add in.

I am trying to use an “element exists” to spot this, and IF there, THEN log in, ELSE carry on. However by using log messages I can see that it is unable to find this element, even with a 15 second delay on activity before (which is clicking “Enable Editing” in Excel due to company’s security policy).

I have tried element exists on its own, and “Attach window” to both the Excel and also the pop up, and none seem to work. Any help in getting UiPath to find the element would be appreciated, thanks!

Can you please share the xaml or screenshot of the popup that exists ???

You can also use Image exists activity or exists ie. Window activity and check with the selectors in Launch UI explorer

With the selector for pop up being " <wnd app=‘excel.exe’ cls=’#32770’ title=‘Connect to Data Source’ />"


When opening the file it asks me to “Enable Editing” and when I do this, it appears to reopen the excel file, could this be the issue? I have now also tried “Get Active Window” but still it can’t find this pop up, as shown in the log message in first SS.


I have used UiExplorer to find this element/selector, that is the selector it gives, in my first message.

Inorder to avoid the enable editing thing you can open the excel in invisible mode . Check out the visible checkbox in excel activity. Am not sure whether this works … but let’s give a try .

My process opens either excel or PDF file, so this is not within an “excel application scope” and to do so will take some time, but it’s worth a go, I will let you know, thanks

It won’t open the file if set to not visible, unfortunately