Input dialog not showing up in automation and Excel file is opened and quickly closed before input dialog shows up

The main issue is that the input dialog does not appear after the Excel file is opened, then the file closes and goes back to StudioX. There were no errors in the output, and validate/analyze did not find anything. The project ran and gave a message that it ran completely and successfully, even though it did not. Please take a look, and if you know how to help, I would appreciate it! Thanks!

can you post also the excel file?
does the message box pops?

A thought:

Your workflow logic is as follows:

  1. Read Excel FIle
  2. For each Excel Row.
  3. If Row is empty
    3a. Ask for name, display name, write name to CurrentRow Column name.
    else: Skip row

If your excel sheet rows have not been touched, then the program could be reading those Rows as non-existent. Otherwise it would loop through to the maximum amount of rows possible. Perhaps put a blank space in each, change the logic to String.IsNullOrEmpty([CurrentRow]Name) and see if it prompts you then.

Another way to see the execution of your program is using the Execution trail in debug.


That will show you if the activities you mentioned are being executed or not.

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also keep in mind the default behavior for For Each Row activity as bt default it stops on empty rows. Check it in properties panel for the activity. That might be the problem. change it to Process.

The message box does not appear. I have indicated the headers.

I don’t have a debug tab… could it be because it is StudioX, not Studio?

Sorry, I didn’t realise.

Have you tried @studioX’s suggestion?

In the properties for the For each Excel Row activity, select Process for the Empty row behaviour.


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Thank you so much - this fixed my problem. The message box now shows up and inputs the data into Excel.

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