Handle dialog boxes with excel

Hi all
There is a small issue - I have an excel sheet which gets downloaded from an application . When i try to open it , i get a couple of Dialog boxes which say “the file is in a different format” , and it asks me if I want to open the File as an Xml format or a workbook. I want the Bot to open this file directly once its downloaded since i need to apply filter to the files columns

and work , Any idea how can i handle the dialog boxes ? Attached the screenshot of the dialog boxes.
Thanks in advance


Problem with the file extension. “xlsx.xls”

Hi @lasithdilshan20 - its in .xls format , i manually changed it to .xlsx for testing . But by default it would be .xls

Hi @shaileshpathak

Excel is reading the .xls extension but recognizes it’s actually a .xlsx file thus it’s notifying you there is a discrepancy. The application that’s it’s being downloaded from is putting the wrong extension on the file. Is there a way for you to allow it to come in with the original .xlsx extension? Then you wouldn’t get the dialog boxes.

Another option is to strip the .xls extension off before opening in Excel.