Xls file being modified

I have a process where a xls file is opened and the records contained in it are processed. Some writing to the sheet is done on the status of each record. It then exits the Excel scope and the file is auto closed/saved. UiPath is apparently modifying the file in some way and creates a folder with two htm files, a xml and css file which it appears to now rely on in order to be opened.

I don’t see anything in the activities that would appear to let me stop this behavior so I am unsure how to prevent this from happening.

Edit: I think this might have to do with the website I am downloading from and not necessarily UiPath.

Hi this is very strange.

Are you using “Write Cell” to update a field, or how exactly are you updating the file? It shouldn’t do anything like you describe with other files unless there’s a flaw in your design, so maybe you could post your workflow or screenies.

EDIT on your EDIT: it’s possible you are downloading or saving the website to a file somehow, because htm and css files are associated with website pages.

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Fyi…Usually this happens when you save a html file locally or convert a file to html (Webpage) format.

After some checking it appears to be the way the file is being downloaded from the website I am grabbing it from. It seems it is in HTML format but it opens in Excel just fine with the xls extension on it. UiPath must create the additional files when it opens it up and extracts the different parts in to the separate files.

Hi Vaidya, what if I need to open an excel file with 2 different extensions (.xls or .xlsx) , is thr a way out that even if the file is .xls or .xlsx the bot opens the file. For example if the bot searches in the folder A , a file named abc.xls or abc.xlsx.
So if the file is either in xlx or xlsx , the bot opens the file in both cases.