GSuite Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError

I have an automation that sometimes fails with the below exception. Is this always due to exceeding Google’s quota or could this be down to something else? The error is suspicious as it can occur first thing in the morning when hardly any other Google requests have been made yet so we don’t see how it could be exceeding Google’s quota.

Write Cell: Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError
Quota exceeded for quota metric ‘Write requests’ and limit ‘Write requests per minute per user’ of service ‘’ for consumer ’

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Hello @ZoeW,

The Exception comes from the server, so it’s safe to say that it is refusing the client any more requests relating to quota.

If this happens in the morning, then you are probably exceeding a minutely quota rather than an hourly one (or something similar).

You can add some delay activities in between your request code.
Another option is to use the BatchModifyValues activity and put write cell activities inside this scope, which will send them to the server all at once.


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Thank you Mihai, I will give your ideas a try.

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