Gsheet API: Quota exceeded issue Error

Hi Team,

We have identified an issue with the G sheet API Quota exceeded limit error while updating the Gsheet as the output file.

Please find the detailed error message below:

Report to GSuite error: Quota exceeded for quota metric ‘Read requests’ and limit ‘Read requests per minute’ of service ‘’ for consumer ‘project_number:303189250761’. [429] at Append Row

Hello @karthika.geetha ,

There are some limits for read/write in gsuite. Please see the documentation here:



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This is something with the Google Sheet API, it’s not an issue from UiPath

Better you can recheck on the logic to reduce the API calls as low as possible

Hope this may help you


Hello @karthika.geetha ,

How many times you are calling the Google sheet API as part of the process?

I find it interesting that you are seeing the exact same project number 303189250761 as I am when this error occurs. My error text from the word “Quota exceeded” to the [429] is identical to yours. I can’t find that project Id anywhere. I had the quota increased to the Google Sheets API for the project linked to the service credential in use…made no difference. I’m wondering if this is relaying through UiPath-owned endpoint.

Anyone from @uipath care to opine?