Google Chrome extension does not work within the open file popup (within Chrome)

I have had flawless success working within chrome. The ONLY part where the extension does not work is when I try to upload a file onto a chrome page. It does not recognize the open popup as part of the application. Any help would be awesome. This has been a frustrating process to try and get this to work. Please help.

Are you using StudioX or Studio?


Hello Brady,

I would have to ask if you are using UiAutomation or UiAutomatioX , because if you are using UiAutomationX we know that we have limitation when handling the modal pop-up dialog that handles the file selection.


I switched to Chrome from IE a little while ago, since IE was slow and buggy for me, but now I’m stuck in level 3 training, as UIPath freezes/crashes with pop-ups in Chrome (and at lvl3 it must interact with pop-ups). Looks like I’ll have to rework my project to work with IE instead :man_facepalming:

Would be great if UIPath fully support Chrome; having to work with IE sucks.
Or should I switch to Firefox, Edge or … ? :thinking:

@VvK I find this highly implausible :slight_smile:
Below is a simple workflow that uses UiAutomation package to search the web for a file upload demo, then asks the user for the file to be uploaded then handles the modal dialog that pop’s up and uploads the file :slight_smile: (183.7 KB)


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Thanks Dragos, I’ll give this a go

Thanks @dragos.suma, that definitely worked for me using Studio, so this should work for @brady.butler as well (unless this changed in StudioX).

I’ll look for a different topic or create one for my issue, which is with the message pop-ups in Chrome:

Edit: found the solution to my issue here: Decide the action reading text of Chrome popup


In StudioX we are providing another UiAutomation package as default ( UiAutomationX) which is still in preview and we need to iron out some issues , such as the fact that we can not interact with the pop-ups. Yesterday I talked with the developers that are handling this package and I saw that they fixed this but will be available in our next release :slight_smile:


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Couple of questions,

  • When is the next release?

  • How do I go about installing the new update of StudioX preview with this fix?

Really need to see this work before we can move to the next step of our project and move to the decision of if StudioX would be a tool that we want to bring in house.

Thanks for your time,


I’m unable to install the Chrome extension in StudioX. I constantly get this message, even when Chrome is closed. Even when the Chrome extension was already installed. I removed it and tried to re-install it but it was closed again.


What happens after you click on the OK button ?