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Hello All,

In the process which I am doing, there are 2 Pop ups , once you submit the claim and, once if no such policy found , for both the popup sector is same but inner text is different.

Further action would be decided on the basis of text appear in popup , please suggest which activity should be used and how



If the selector is the same, a simple if or a Flow decision based on it content (Get attribute innertext or else) should work fine and most likely will be the simplest way to do it if you have only two possibilities.

Flow switch and Switch activity having as decision the innertext would be a little more advance solution which could handle more text conditions and effectively check that the it has the specific texts that you expect.


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Hey @Florent_Salendres thanks for response

I want to target Chrome Popups , identify the text click OK and do the action after that

I am not able to click OK by click activity and by Sending hot key as well


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This is a classic javascript popup generated by the webpage. What makes it difficult to get the text in your case in that you are using Google Chrome browser which is not rendered the same way as it would be for IE and do not expose it text attribute (among other ones).

From my side, chrome plugin makes also the capture very slow and anoying.
If you have choice, i would recommend you using rather Internet explorer on your automation in general because of the reason bellow.

This being said and if you still need/want to use chrome you could be achieving getting your text using the ‘Name’ attribute of the second Text element (first is the dialog title) UiElement.

Find here an example of a component which will attach to any Chrome popup and click the ok button (using a partial selector approach) and output the alert text as an argument. You could make it more specific adding the title of the window on the first selector.

Click_JSPopAndGetText.xaml (8.0 KB)


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