Gmail does not work - Error message - Body document not supported

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New Hire Bot (140.1 KB)

Bot Template.docx (13.5 KB)
New Hire Password Sheet - merge data - (22.5 KB)

Before reviewing the solution, I want to address a few issues with this automation:

  • The “Word Document” option can only be used with Outlook app so this won’t work with Gmail.

  • Other issue encountered: the email sent keep using the default template instead of the new Word document with replaced data: it is because under Send Email card, on Property window, you have the template as “.data/HtmlContent0.html”. Bot will put the default value of this template in the email body together with the value you put in html body property:

  • Current issue: even though the data in the email is correct, bot sends email with a block of text instead of using the format in “Bot Template.docx”. See solution below.

Solution: New Hire (196.6 KB)

  • if you want to send the email under the template that you shared (with text color, different font, etc.) using Gmail, you have to choose “HTML” option. This way you can format the email body using html tags.

  • In the “Bot Template.docx” file, format everything using html tags instead of text (see the solution file)

  • Under Send Email’s property window, remove the html template value because the template under folder .data/HtmlContent0.html is incorrect.

  • Remove the Delay activity because it did not address the original problem and causing the automation to slow down.

I also optimizing your code a bit.


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