How to convert .docx or .msg file to html content and use the same to send email?

I would like to have a template in centralized location where regular users have access to modify the template whenever required. (either in .docx or .msg format)

The expectation is that BOT should be able to pickup the current template from there and send email with the current available template with all the stylings within.

The template have some tokens that needs to fill based on the queue item.
The template have html stylings within. Those should be retrieved.

Please advise how can i achieve this scenario?

Hi @Karthikeyan_CS,

This can be achieved through string manipulation. Have the token you need to update dynamically like #Name for example and you can update that like YourStrVar.Replace(β€œ#Name”, VarName). It goes on for all of the tokens you need to update.
YourStrVar is basuically the variable that holds your template data and VarName is the variable that holds the value coming from queue.

One way I could think at the moment is to have the HTML tags added to the template as needed and check the box β€˜IS HTML’ in send mail activity properties. This works when the updates are minimal.

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