Glitches in the user interface for Studio

Experiencing weird UI issues which only happen with Studio on my computer. Just reinstalled a new version of studio from the Automation Cloud and the issues did not go away (.msi file). Any suggestions on how to resolve this are appreciated!


This might help you.


Hmm, nothing relevant in that post as this glitching is not happening with any other software, and my computer more than surpasses the specs. The issue started after the latest update is the only thing I can think of… it was fine before that.

Reinstall the studio once. if still persists the issue you can contact the UiPath Experts.


Hi @supersharp

Thank you for your bug report. Just to confirm, is it Windows 11?
If so, our team is aware of the issue and is investigating it.

Hi there, this is with Windows 10

Hi @supersharp , thank you for reporting this.
Our engineering team has investigated the issue and found that this might not come from Studio, but another app that is interfering with all WPF applications. In this case, this might be the culprit here:

Can you please let us know if you have any of the following applications installed:

If this is not the case, can you please let us know some more details, in a private message to me or @loginerror, or here, if you feel comfortable.

  1. What is the exact Windows 10 version you are using?
    You just need to open the Start menu > search for ‘winver’ > hit Enter > and the version will be visible in a small window.
  2. are you using a different Windows Default language than English? If so, which one?
    This is visible in the Language Settings on your machine > Windows Display language.
  3. can you kindly attach a Diagnostics Tool report of your machine and attach the generated .zip file?
    You can just search for the UiPath Diagnostics Tool app in the Start menu > open it > go through the steps, and at the end of the generation, please attach the diagnostics tool report here.
  4. What Antivirus software are you using? Is Studio the only application that behaves this way?

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi @coramia,
I do have a Dell and followed the NahimicOSD renaming steps, restarted. The issue still persists. I’ll PM you the log and details.

I searched for and was unable to find the DLL that is referenced in the Dell post. With that said I decided to dive a little deeper and see if I could find a service bearing that name, and I did!

I solved this by opening services.msc and disabling the Nahimic service.

I stopped it, changed it from Automatic to Manual start, and after restarting UiPath, the problem appears to have been resolved.

Here’s another link on what exactly this service is and it’s intended use:,function%20Nahimic%20Audio%20Software%20features.&text=From%20what%20I’ve%20read,of%20your%20gaming%20computer.".

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@kevinpscott , that is awesome! :slight_smile: :clap:

@supersharp , could you kindly try the solution provided by @kevinpscott and see if it applies to your PC as well? Please let us know what happens.

Thank you both so much!

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