Studio Menu Bar Glitch and Dropouts

With Windows 11, I am experiencing Studio issues with the menu bar not showing the HOME, DEBUG and Close Menu (X) options. Hovering the mouse over these elements and over the Open option on the welcome screen causes the graphics dropouts to occur. I am not seeing any similar behavior with other applications.

What, if anything, can be done to address this issue?

Hey @grosner,

Thanks for being proactive and giving Studio a try with the latest windows preview.

Since it was just released we did not had a chance to identify and fix the issues. We plan to have it fully tested and supposed on our side in the near future.

Alexandru Roman

Upon further analysis, I determined other applications have similar issues with graphical control dropouts (vanishing and re-appearing when you mouse over the control).

In Windows, disabling the Nahimic Service (possibly installed by Asus or Sonic Studio software), prevents the issue from happening.


Hi @alexandru

is there any timeline or official communication on when Windows 11 will be officially supported?