Home window in studio getting blur

After updating Ui Path studio version 2021.10.3, main screen window gets blur, even though every time I move cursor to any Icon or option in studio it gets blur.
Please do let me know if any suggestion

Hi @Nikhil_Jadhav1

Could you maybe run the Diagnostic tool and send me over the output zip file via a PM @loginerror ?

It indeed looks really strange and our team will need to investigate this issue further.

Hey @loginerror

Please find attached zip file.
FYI I’m using windows 11 prerelease build updated version.

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Thanks for the diag tool output, I’ve saved it and then removed it from your post, no need to share it on the Forum (Private Message would be best here) :slight_smile:

Noted. We are on the lookout for the Windows 11 issues. Thank you a ton for taking the time to report it. We will look into it.


Thanks for looking into this.
For further more information whenever I go to any tab of activities it gets blurred. Also after some time the whole UI gets stuck and blur.

Hi @Nikhil_Jadhav1 , can you please take a look at the following thread and check if any of the apps mentioned there are installed on your PC?

Thank you so much in advance.

Hey @coramia

Thanks for the updating me.
It was Nahimic services creating issue.
Now it has been resolve.

Thank You so much.

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That’s awesome, @Nikhil_Jadhav1! Thank you for letting us know.
Happy automating! :smiley:

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