GetTransactionData and GetTransactionItem

This pertains to the Client Security Hash exercise.
I would like to request one of the experts to help me understand

  1. How does one go about updating GetTransactionData and GetTransactionItem? This seems a bit confusing.

  2. Out_transactionItem is of a QueueItem datatype, something I’ve not had to deal with in the exercise so far. We were dealing with DataRow[] types and now we are switching to Queues?
    Screenshot provided below for your convenience.


Hi @g0furtherwithAI

Hope you are doing well.

We are swtiching to Queues as we are dealing with Orchestrator in this excercise. This particular section we are assigning value from WIList to out_transactionItem so that it could be added to Orchestrator’s queue.

I hope that clarifies.


Please see screenshots below.
Receive a compiler error - Can’t convert value of type DataRow to QueueItem.
Please provide your suggestions.

Could you please assist? Thanks.