Client hash security- GetTransactionData

Hi, in Level 3- assignment nº 1:

in GetTransactionDat in “Assign TransactionItem” , I have

out_transactionItem = in_WIList(In_transactionNumber - 1)

Out_TransactionItem is DataRow
in_WIList is DataRow

The error is:
"1-matriz dimensional de System.Data.DataRow no se puede convertir en System.Data.Datarow "

can anyone help me?


Set the default value of in_TransactionNumber to 1.

The value of in_TransactionNumber is 1 and continues with the error

Can you re-check the data type of out_transactionitem.

I’m sending you the image of this coded


Could you please show me screenshot of in_WIList argument also.

Can you tell me what’s wrong with me?