Getting the data from a web form

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I want to get the value entered in an input text field of a web form while the bot is running. Currently I am using getText activity, it is giving me the correct value for pre-populated fields but giving empty for the fields where user needs to input something in the web form. How can I get the original value that the user enters in the web form.


I think you are doing a attendees bot where user provides a input to a field

If that’s the case then You can get the input from user using Input dialog box activity where user enters the input value and save that in a string variable named Strinput

May be you can try to get the value from the field once user has entered using the same Get text activity

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Thanks for the reply. I believe I cannot use the input dialogue box. Here is the scenario-
The bot will be running in the background and someone is going to fill a web form which will have different fields and a submit button. As the user fills that form, I need to capture the values entered by the user in the form and save them in the variables in UIPath (which I will later use to fill another form). Since the bot is running from the starting when the web form is empty, it is capturing the value as empty fields and not the value entered by user while filling the form. How can I make the bot to capture the values entered by the user?

Hi @harmeet_kaur

Have a look on the thread\


This looks contrast with what is being expected

If the bot is ran before user enters data then we won’t be able to get the value even if you are doing it manually because user has not yet provided the value

If you want the value from that field we need to run only after user enters the data
And this has to be done as a part of process standardisation

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Can you try using the get full text activitie? It should retrieve all data incluide the hidden data, also in the same format


@harmeet_kaur I think you can user events (Something like triggers). we can make the logic in such a way that when the user clicks on submit the actions can be triggered. Now, you can extract the data that the user has entered

Thank you for the solution. I am following it. I want to use get visible text activity in UI path to get the user input before clicking the button. I can use get text, but I have to specify the url path to my website for that and I don’t want to use it as the url will be different for different forms. I cannot find get visible text activity in my studio. Do you know where it is?

@harmeet_kaur Were you using modern design experience or classic design

I am using modern design experience

@harmeet_kaur Since it is a modern design you can’t find Get visible text. Instead you can use Get text by making the url as wild card wherever necessary

Okay, I changed it to classic mode. But still did not get get visible text or get full text activity. Making wildcard URL is a good option. But, is there a way to get visible text activity in mu UIPath. I am following this video and this is what exactly I want.

@harmeet_kaur Can you please install UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities

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