Insert value in web form some time some value bot miss

I have 1000 of records to submit data in web form using for loop.Its work fine but some time bot skip some field and submit a application means some time bot did not insert value in one or two text box and submit the application

HI @Aditya10989

Doesn’t it throw any error when it skips inserting into specific text boxes? Have you checked the output panel to see whether it has anything related to an error or something?


to ensure that the type into gives out completly the string passed to it as input
then in the property panel of type into activity set the property DelayBetweenKeys with some timestamp in milliseconds like around 2000 milliseconds (2 seconds)

along with this instead of SIMULATE click activity enable SEND WINDOW MESSAGE property in the property panel of TYPE INTO activity as it would slow down the pace of entering string to the field when compared to SIMULATE CLICK though both will help in running in background

so these two settings will ensure the type into activity will type the field value to the text box

kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Aditya10989

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@Lahiru.Fernando thanks for reply its not throw any error but skip some value in text box not every time
eg I have registration form its skip some time value in text box like last name , first name and last name and first name I am getting value but not insert in text box.I do not know the reason may be bot is fast

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thanks for reply let me try

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In the type into activity, enable the property “Click before Type” This might work for you…