Extracting values from Custom Form

Hi All,

I have created a custom form like this:

the results that I am getting from this custom form via UiPath is:

I want the BOT extract the values from Custom form if they are present in the splitamt1,splitamt2,…n so on textboxes and assign them to different variables .
and if these split textboxes are empty then BOT should only extract value from AmounttobePaid textbox and assign it to a variable for future use…

the results that I am getting from this custom form via UiPath is:

Hi @somya177

Use get text or get attribute attribute of all text boxes and use assign activity to assign to string variables

Use string.isNullor empty(strvariable) and based on that you can do the logic

For check box and radio button use

Get attribute activity and set property as aastate

In if condition (radiobox or check box.tostring.contains(“available or focussable”))
Do click or check activity

its a custominput activity used to fetch the results from the form so I can’t use Getattribute or gettext

How about screenscrapping


nope…it won’t work as customInput activity pauses the bot and once it receives the string output then only u can perform further actions

The Custom Input activity returns a single String - it is up to you to process it correctly. You can edit the javascript for your custom form to format the response String however you need.